“A Brief Christmas Devotional”

December 24, 2018

Imagine this. We receive a text from God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. It says: “I will be coming to be among you as a sinless man. Please arrange for my arrival in every detail. I will get back to you just before I arrive. God.”

Ok. We can do this! First, we arrange for Him to arrive on Air force One. He will ride in a stretch limo with six doors on each side. His motorcade will include a hundred motorcycles and dozens of armed guards and soldiers. We will have Him arrive in New York and be taken to Trump Tower where platoons of servants will cater to His every need. A fabulous room overlooking the Hudson and attended by formally dressed servants ready to respond to His smallest wish. A beautiful suite that will include every imaginable comfort. A medical team on stand-by and room service that will be second to none. Or…we could arrange for him to arrive in Chicago and be driven to the Ritz Carlton or to Pebble Beach to stay at the La Playa. Other alternatives may be considered.

Now, we text back to God with our preparations. We expect his Divine approval. And He responds:

“Friends. Scrap your plans. I would like to arrive after a long journey through the desert with my earthly mother riding on a donkey. There will be no entourage. Only Joseph and Mary. In Bethlehem, there will be no room to stay with family or at any local inn and Joseph will have to beg for the use of a shed so that Mary can give birth. My incarnate self will have the company of sheep and goats and a bed of straw. After the child is born, visitors will arrive and bring gold and frankincense and myrrh but the celebration will be short-lived. Joseph and Mary will have to literally run towards Egypt because a madman serving as the king will want to kill the child. If you find this plan surprising…I am not surprised. I will come into your world as the humble Christ. I will be misunderstood from day one. But don’t be concerned. This is how I want it. God.”

Merry Christmas and Blessings! Pastor Alberta

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