“Grasping the Gospel” (In an age of “Discount Discipleship”)

Monday October 22, 2018

Hello Blog Friends,

I am considering a new shakingoffthedust.com series called “Grasping the Gospel” … it would be a frequent offering in writing on this blog site designed to examined what being a Christian REALLY IS.  What genuine discipleship requires of us. Not to get saved, but because we are saved.  Put another way, is the Gospel being presented the way Jesus presented it?

Put yet another way … did we read the spiritual “fine print” when we came to jesus?  Is it overlooked?  Would Paul and the other Biblical writers recognize what is being  preached in our church growth-driven culture?  Is it what they called for?

Anyway … your thoughts on this new study?  If you are “in” or interested … please advise.  Right or wrong, my motivation levels increase when I am certain that someone is finding my articles profitable.  So … that’s a little neurotic …:) … but I’d like to hear from you.  Even a simple “Thumbs Up!” would do.  I’d start this week.

In any case, God be praised and Blessings!

Peace. Pastor Alberta


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