“Sixty Million Accusers Before the Throne of God”

Genesis 4:10 (NIV) The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!”

Sometimes I think that I can see them. All gathered together since Roe v. Wade in 1973. They are small little spirits seated in front of the Maker of Heaven and Earth. They are no longer terrified. Now, they are pointing their tiny fingers at America. At the politicians who have been blinded and are doing the devil’s work unknowing …but doing it nonetheless. And at the know-everything elite journalists who fill the collective American mind with messages about a woman’s right to choose. Smart people with absolutely no idea how they are being used to promote evil. Smart people who are still stuttering and stammering and even frothing at the tongue trying to explain one simple thing. Namely, how in the world did Mr. Donald Trump ever get elected?

I cannot apologize for my certainty in this. Two words explain Mr. Trump’s election. Gorsuch. Kavanaugh. It was God’s good pleasure to place the unexpected Trump in the White House. The odds were so overwhelmingly against him that only a Divine decision made it possible. Isn’t it almost amusing? That God would use this earthy and disreputable man to do His will? Now, he has appointed two Supreme Court Justices. I pray daily that he gets to appoint at least two more. I hope you will join me.

Back to the unborn. The Kavanaugh hearings were simply a charade of disingenuity. The real issue for the Devil was to oppose Judge Kavanaugh because of Roe v. Wade. If Mr. Kavanaugh had been pro-choice, we would never have heard of his accuser. But the evil one loves death and the pro-abortion community are pawns in his hands. Hence … wait until the next hearings for the highest court to come upon us. We can expect nothing short of a raging meltdown and violence even worse than the vulgar nonsense we have been seeing. The screaming protestors interrupting the senators. The shrill yelling at leaders in hallways and elevators. Interrupting them at dinner. The politician who said that’s what they should do. Raise hell! So filled with fury they should all be issued free medications. I’d be embarrassed to be near them. And they think … they are right! If they yelled “Shame!” at me I’d take it as an honor.

If God was incensed at the death of innocent Abel at the hands of his brother Cain, what judgement does He have for America for its wholesale slaughter of the innocent unborn? For the politicians who sold their souls for votes and power? For the medical community that has gotten wealthy by baby genocide? For the complicit media who turns their gaze away from the holocaust in the womb? Are they pointing at the church that is more interested in flashing lights and large screens and winsome preachers than speaking up against evil?

Go see the movie “Gosnell.” The case that even the liberal press had to cover. About a “doctor” who slaughtered innumerable babies after their birth. Think about it. Please. Begin to pray as never before for America. And yes, for our president. And yes, for more courts who will do God’s will. He … indeed God Himself …in my view … has shown us a great act of mercy in allowing a president to serve who is hands down the most pro-life president ever. Yes, he is despised by many. Understood. Many who could not discern God’s will if they received it in a text directly from Heaven. We must pray for Mr. Trump’s conversion and his safety and wellbeing.

America’s biggest problem? It’s not a president of indelicate speech and off-putting behaviors. It’s not that those who would kill the unborn might take back the House. It’s not the Fed and possible rate hikes. It’s not too much carbon in the air. It’s not even terrorism and the endlessly fractious Middle east. It’s not any of the things we are hearing about that have America on the sharp edge of judgement. It’s murder. Crushing the skulls of unborn babies and tearing off their arms and burning off their skin. And we see no signs of repentance. Not yet.

We who are Christians should see thru the vail that has blinded most of our elite thinkers and commentators and writers. For we are living in a world like that of Abraham when he visited the darkened land of Gerar and observed “Surely there is no fear of God in this place!”

Blog friends: go see the “Gosnell” movie and then pray as never before. I’ll do it with you. Sixty million little souls are crying out at this moment.

Peace. Pastor Alberta

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